Resy At Home

Create, curate, and feed their love of restaurants — at home. From premium meal kits, family-style meals, and virtual events we help you extend your brand of hospitality beyond the host stand.

With no fees for diners and no commission fees for you, your guests get a one-of-a-kind experience and you keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

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Resy At Home
Culinary Experiences

Resy at Home Experiences allows you to send your hospitality home in the form of memorable events & curated meal packages for your guests. The functionality works best for meal kits, family-style meals, grocery boxes, and large format dinners.

Restaurants can manage guests who have purchased an order within Resy and each experience has a dedicated landing page you can point to in marketing efforts. Restaurants can easily customize the tables and language for pick-up alongside your standard shifts.

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Resy At Home Virtual Events

Create general admission tickets or timed slots to offer virtual cooking classes, wine tastings and more. Customize ticket packages with menu highlights, pricing and quantity. Diversify revenue streams with virtual Resy OS Events.

Find out how virtual wine classes are helping one restaurant earn more.
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