The Restaurant

Whether pre, during, or post service, Resy OS can help support your on-premise dining needs from search to seat to repeat.

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Pre-Service Features

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Custom Reservation Inventory

Make your regulars feel like VIPs by providing them exclusive access to reservations during certain hours. Allow guests to choose where they dine (e.g. patio, chef's counter) by sharing custom & available table types during the booking flow.

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Notify & Mobile Waitlist

This feature extends your waitlist beyond the host stand and allows any guest to add their name to your waitlist from their mobile device. Guests will automatically get notified if a spot opens up. You can then message that guest via SMS to let them know you are ready to welcome them in.

Floor Plan Web Editor

Set your restaurant up for successful service. Create, copy, and edit floor plans on your computer, customize your books, and leverage reporting to optimize your floor plans for changing seasons.

Consumer Web & App Booking

Guests can book reservations through multiple partner platforms, and you know who they are thanks to Guest Intel shared across all your devices so you never have to ask.

Auto-Confirm Texts

Customize and automate confirmation texts to save time and drive down no-shows.

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During Service Features

Resy Pay

Make paying the check easier and faster for everyone. Now your guests can view, pay, or split their checks directly on their phone via QR code, and even choose to use American Express Membership Rewards® points toward their meal.

Seat Optimization

Automatically optimise table combos without overwhelming your front of house.

Maintain Control

We’ve got you covered across all your devices no matter where you are, while enabling permissions that offer the appropriate levels of access for your team.

Guest Intel

Welcome guests back and make them feel special with historical data at your fingertips. Build up your CRM with shared tags and notes for more moments to surprise and delight.

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Post-Service Features

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Private Guest Surveys

Automated surveys collect private feedback from guests at digital scale. Get more visibility into the data without the public-facing review.

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Reports & Analytics

360-degree visibility into performance through customer insights and custom reporting.

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POS Integration

Leverage industry-leading reporting to evaluate your per person average spend by shift, reservation source, party size and more. Use this intel and sales forecasting to optimize your dining room and make strategic decisions about how to adjust menus, floor plan, and staff accordingly.

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24/7 Live Support

Our hospitality-driven Support team, Help Desk resources, and training videos are here to help your business thrive, day and night.